October 24, 2016
Press release
Pittsburgh, PA

Gateway Health and Wellbridge Health Announce Partnership to Provide Healthcare Innovative Solutions to Gateway Membership

Digital Program Aims to Improve Healthcare and Reduce Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits

Wellbridge Health and Gateway Health proudly announce a dynamic collaboration that will bring innovative digital health solutions to Medicare and Medicaid plan members with specific high risk needs.

In an outreach effort targeted at the unique needs of this group of consumers, Wellbridge combines technology and population expertise with a focus on social work philosophies to provide insight into members' daily behaviors and lifestyle.

"Dealing with socio-economic issues, as well as multiple chronic conditions, is frequently overwhelming for this vulnerable population. Poverty, isolation, cognitive issues, and depression are often barriers to self-management," said Cynthia Zydel, CEO of Wellbridge Health. "Our frequent interaction and proactive interventions address these barriers and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Equally important is the positive impact such programming can have on quality of life for the member and quality metrics for the health plan."

Wellbridge is positioned to deliver both timely clinical and behavioral interventions that reduce medical spending while promoting and improving the health and wellness of individuals. Wellbridge will provide the iPhone and monitoring devices, uniquely designed with their own software and protocols, to individuals participating in this program. Data transmitted from that equipment goes directly from the member's home to Wellbridge's dashboard for seven-days a week monitoring.

"By serving the Medicaid population with innovative programs and using technology to improve outreach and quality, Gateway can help take a holistic approach to treating the patient, coupled with an emphasis on superior plan performance," said Patti Darnley, President and CEO of Gateway Health. "Our focus is supporting our members and providing them with the best possible care for a better and healthier living."

Gateway Health has over 23 years of experience being committed to innovative care models and quality clinical outcomes while being a leader in both Medicaid managed care and Medicare Advantage benefits to individuals dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

"This model allows Gateway to select partners that share common goals and are highly equipped to follow through and help us deliver on our mission," says Darnley.